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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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flames continue to spread. >> a violent day in san jose, this fatal attack one of several
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it's happening in lake county. crews battling towering flames from the air and ground on the second day a fire in the hills around clearlake. there is hope for people that live in the area. i'm carolyn johnson. >> dan: i'm dan ashley. residents are being allowed in their home as a huge fire fight. there are two fires at the east end of clearlake. this is video from late this evening. fires have consumed 6,000 acres. containment is 25% but the fire continues to burn. at one point you can see bulldozers moving away from the
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approaching flames. lilian kim is in the fire zone live with the latest. >> reporter: triple-digit temperatures didn't help fire fighting efforts but the direction this fire has taken has worked in everyone's favor. they tried to gain the upper hand but flames continued to spread. but the fire has been away from property. that allowed evacuees to briefly return to their homes. bruce went back to retrieve his two horses and half dozen chickens. >> the sheep are my daughter's project. horses, they are just as important as the dog. >> as for the hundreds of other evacuees many of them spent the day at moose lodge. they finally got the news they wanted to hear. residents were allowed to go back for good. they lined up eager to get home.
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they were one of the first to return. >> i'm glad everybody is able to come home. we'll go on from here. it happened three years ago. it's something you live with up here. >> the worst appears to be over, cal fire says there is still a lot of work to do especially east near the walker ridge area where most of the active flames are. >> today we saw the temperatures get up to about 105 degrees. that coupled with the low humidity and incredibly dry conditions have allowed this fire to continue to burn. we're hoping to see as the temperatures go down the humidity had i mai come up that is when we'll start to make progress for containment in this fire. >> reporter: as for highway 20 it is open but restricted. motorists have to be escorted by the chp. >> dan: thank you. >> carolyn: sandhya patel is watching the heat and winds in this area.
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>> earlier today it was 107 degrees in the lake county area. temperature now, 88 degrees in the vicinity of the fire. so the temperatures is certainly falling and the relative humidity is regulation 20%. that should definitely help the firefighters there. winds out of the southwest at 11 gusting to 16 miles an hour. that is now a factor obviously with the fire as the winds are picking up. they should remain below 20 miles an hour in that area. triple-digit heat right through friday before they see cooling. here a beautiful view of that fire, it's a dramatic from the clearlake fire and, of course, this was sent to ureport. please keep pictures coming. i'll be back with a look at the local forecast. >> carolyn: that is dramatic. more breaking news. a woman was killed in san jose tonight by a samurai sword-wielding man. there was a fatal drive-by shooting on charles street
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followed by another shooting at 4:00. alan wang has the story. >> people who live around the midtown area of san jose says the victim is a homeless women who sits in front of the walgreen's store. >> she is normally yelling and screaming. kind of scary. >> witnesses say a man got off the bus with a sword and took several swings at her neck while she was sitting on the curb. >> she. >> he went bam, slit her throat. >> they chased the man around the store until they ended back where the woman was lying. he stabbed her several times. >> she was still a big part of the neighborhood. >> across the street, bruce white says a bizarre incident involving the victim and man who
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matches description of the suspect. she says he flipped off. >> he dropped drinks and don't do that to me. it scared everybody in the store. >> the man came back and explained that the homeless woman was staring at him through the window. >> what happened, are you okay. he said she was trying to put a black beauty spell on me and i didn't want her, too. he was literally scared to death >> and investigators ever not released a description on the suspect who is still on the loose. alan wang, "abc 7 news". >> dan: saratoga residents had a loud wake-up call when two teenagers racing each other crashed their cars into two houses. it happened around 4:30 a.m. two 19-year-old driving up to 80
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miles an hour on residential streets couldn't handle the curve on prospect avenue. cars bounced off the side of one house and wound up edged in the wall of another. no one in the homes were hurt. a new employee safety program begins at napa state hospital. some workers say it could put them at risk. they'll begin wearing emergency alarm tags around their next and they think it could pose as a strangulation hazard. it has a safety feature and the alarms can be attached. two years ago psychiatric technician was strangled by a patient. employees have long xliachbd about safety at the facility. >> tense moments at shell refinery after reports of a fire at about 2:00 this afternoon. it happened in a light oil processing area.
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it was downgraded to level one situation can means there was no threat to the community. there was some flaring from the smokestacks. it was a bit intense but no one was injured. federal investigation into last week's chevron refinery prior to fire is being held up as engineers deem the burn site unsafe to enter. we were over the scene once again today. a probe on the way u.s. chemical safety board is focusing on possible pipe corrosion as the cause. it was a week ago when a small leak ignited quickly and sent a plume of smoke over parts of richmond. investigation is ongoing. >> carolyn: up next, cold, hard cash for your cellphone. websites that offer money and much more. michael finney explains why you may not be getting what you bargained for. >> the famous twins, why they
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are in need of help tonight. >> carolyn: an update on a labor dispute that threatened to leave the city under a pile of trash. later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline," republican vice presidential pick paul ryan makes his debut but can he really help put mitt romney in the white house. plus it was supposed to be whitney houston's come back film. now,
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>> dan: they are all over the website. websites offering cash for your used cellphone. michael finney put it to the test. >> the cellphone when you move on to the next one, what do you do with your old one? >> that is the big question. >> you may have old electronics stuffed away, now turn them into cold, hard cash. many websites offer to buy and recycle everything from old tv sets and ipods and laptops and,
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of course, cellphones. that is where money is. they will quote you a price online but how likely are you able to get that price or even get paid? we decided to test that. >> you might think that your phone is so old and obsolete but there is probably that still wants to buy it. >> that is tech expert at electronic frontier foundation. we collected this box full of unwanted old phones and we tried to get money for them. >> there is probably somewhere in the world who would be interested in using go your old phone if it works. >> it's really old. >> we had several old phones and iphone 4 with a smashed screen. not too many sites wanted our old motorola.
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finally they offered to $12 until we said it didn't charge up. then it was a buck and free shipping. >> some had really strict guidelines. >> many sites didn't want the blackberry but we did get an offer from you and $20 from buy back world. goozoo offered to plant us a tree with our order. and busted iphone four, lots of sites offered hundred dollars until we admitted hit a cracked screen. then they dropped to $50. however, at buy back, we got an offer for $76. it depends on what they find when they examine our phone. right off the bat, all four websites gave us free shipping and promise the phones wouldn't wind up in a landfill and also a
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free tree from goozoo. we print out our label and pack up the phones with bubble wrap. cross our fingers and ship them off. within weeks we get notice our shipments are received. our phones are evaluated and then the checks arrive. first we go did get one dollar for the dead motorola. they did pay $17 for our blackberry. goosen paid $20 and buy back world came through with the promise $76 for that busted iphone. what about our tree? we asked goozoo where it was planted. >> if you ask me i wouldn't have any idea. it's with a nonprofit group american forest. group receives one dollar from our order and use it to plant a tree probably to replace fire devastated forests in the midwest. >> one important note before you
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ship your phone. you have to be sure and wipe off all your data. that is not as easy as it sounds. safest method is return the phone back to the factory settings. i heard a story back in june, explaining what it is need to do to get it done. i posted a link at so you can wipe it clean and make a couple bucks. >> that is good advice. make sure it's clean. >> union janitors who claim more than 400 buildings have a new tentative agreement tonight. they held a march in financial district. make sticking point was the cost of health care. they announced the deal today but will not give details. union members still need to ratify that agreement. san francisco's famous identical twins are seeking kindness of friends and strangers tonight. they have been delighting the
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city for their presence but vivian is in the hospital with alzheimer's disease leaving marion searching for a facility they can share a room but they can't find anything in san francisco they can afford. if you would like to help the san francisco department of aging and jewish family and children's service agency are handling donations, for more information, go to our website at and click on "see it on tv". >> facebook employees and early investors can sell their shares this thursday. that is the first 1.6 billion shares to come on the market in several waves. three months after the initial public offering, facebook stock is down more than 40%. very disappointing for investors closing at 21.60. they announced a new live event option that let's expected parents share their news. you can let people know about the baby's gender and due date.
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also be able to see when your friends are expecting a baby from your celebrations section on the home page. >> carolyn: let's turn our attention to the forecast. >> dan: sandhya patel is here. >> hey, it was steamy day inland. 103 degrees in livermore. 60 degrees in half moon bay. 40-degree difference between inland and coast. 89 in sanity rose. 74 degrees in oakland. san jose was 85 degrees. clearlake in the triple-digits. these temperatures are coming down at some time but not drastically. you are looking toward the san bruno mountains. you notice the fog isn't advancing very far. its shallow layer only about thousand feet deep. it's not going to progress very far from the coastal areas. let's check out live doppler,
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you can see where the fog is sitting right now. it's confined to the coastline. it's so shallow and can't get up to the inland valleys sole you'll be in for another toasty day tomorrow. temperatures on the warm side inland. 70s and 80s. los gatos, 70 degrees. cooled off nicely in half moon bay, visibility is down to three-quarters of a mile. watch out for the fog first thing tomorrow morning, it will be dense along the coast. give yourself more time for the morning commute. gradual cooling is coming this week with partly cloudy conditions this weekend. temperatures are dropping below normal by the weekend. tomorrow morning, low 50s on the cool side near the coast with that dense fog. inland areas, low to mid 60s and clear and mild. here is what we're watching. hot air mass stays around here for another day or two. we're keeping close eyes to the south of us.
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this is tropical storm hector expected to weaken has it moves over the cooler waters. what is going to happen, as it falls apart moisture may actually get drawn up later this week. an area of low pressure developing. if it gets pulled up, a shower chance come friday night into saturday morning. tomorrow morning, fog along the coast. dense in pockets. that will slow you down for the morning drive. mild along the coast with the fog hanging around. bay side will be warm. inland areas will be on the hot side. we are taking the temperatures down a few degrees tomorrow. 90 in los gatos. 897 for campbell. san jose, santa clara, in in the mid 80s. on the peninsula, up in san mateo. 82 for redwood city. foggy near the coast. pacifica 59 degrees. daly city, 66 in downtown san francisco. 88 in sanity rose.
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85 in vallejo. 75 in oakland. inland valleys, 102 in blentwood monterey, 68 degrees. seven-day forecast, hot inland with triple-digits tomorrow. dropping down to the mid-90s wednesday, thursday and low 90s by saturday. by sunday, only upper 80s inland. of course, there is a possibility we may be tracking showers with live doppler 7 hd by the weekend but mike nicco will be here at 4:30 in the morning with updates. >> dan: coming up next, snoring.
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or >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a new study shows that early snoring may indicate behavior problems. two or three-year-olds a persistent snorers has a rick of attention deficit disorder.
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researchers are not sure why snoring is an indicator but it could be decrease in oxygen levels. >> three more people we want to thank publicly for taking part in the sleep train dream campaign. now just like abc7 news on facebook right now and one dollar will be donated to the sleep train foster kids program. you can make a difference too. >> carolyn: larry beil is here with kind of painful day in sports. >> i had the nightmare. [ laughter ] >> you decide what is uglier, was it the giants carnage or raiders being blanked in the pre-season opener.
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>> good evening. last time giants and nationals met. giants got swept.
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rematch was a sequel. and sergio romo. vogelsong had two earned runs but marco scutaro. danny and kick save and beauty in the right field. that makes it 4-0. roger, look out. bernardino is called safe and bruce, get out of here. bases still loaded. circumstance suzuki back in the bay. and bernadino score. vogelsong gave up eight runs, 14-2, nats. >> in pittsburgh, the flying hawaiian. two-run homer to propel l.a. with a win and tie with san
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francisco in the top of the league. >> witness tonight's raiders, cowboys, the final was 3-0. but john gudden first visit since the superbowl. carson palmer, mcfadden looked good. palmer, less than three minutes, goes deep. intercepted. his old back-up at usc matt line ert, some issues. and he drops it. and here a roll out. he misses from 47. only points of the game. dan daily 33 yard.
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pryor running for his life. all this for a nine-yard gain in the first down. dennis allen had this to say in the 3-0 loss. >> we got to be better. i'm certainly not ready to hit a pennant button. we have a lot of time to get ready. i've got all the confidence they will need where we need. >> i was angry at myself. carson played great, i can't play like craig. >> thanks, a larry. >> "nightline" is coming up next. >> thanks for joining us.
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